Group Transportation

The life itself is pretty busy these days so every opportunity to go out and hang out with our friends is precious. Big events and great parties stay in our mind for a long time so don’t risk to ruin your night or someone else night by drink and drive over a few bucks.

We organize a group transportation in Chicago land area. If you have a large crew you can split the costs of a limo, van or a party bus and have the same vehicle to wait for you or to pick you up after the game or concert. It is not just being able to drink and somebody else will drive for you but the whole road trip to an event.

Traveling in a limo or a party bus is always memorable with an outgoing party that last trough the entire trip and not just at the event. After the event when everybody is tired it is good to have someone fresh to take you home safe.

So, with this point of view isn’t worth it? Have one day for yourself, relax, lay back and enjoy, your body and your mind will be thankful for this. It is not worth the risk if you drink and drive or you drive tired.

Our drivers are on the road all the time but we make sure they have enough sleep and after all, they are professionals so it is their job to make sure they are well-rested and ready for the ride. All our vehicles have great sound systems and you are more than welcome to play your own music and add some additional juice to your party.


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