How to organize wedding in Chicago successfully

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Venue to remember

Chicago has tons of places that offer full service with all amenities, full in house kitchen, coordinator, parking valet, freaking grand piano, and scented candles that probably smell like the fortune you spent there. 

All joking aside, there are many many spectacular places with impressive views, services, and staff. 


But the one we had in mind is unique, with a Chicago imprint like nothing else – The Adler Planetarium


Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, The Adler Planetarium is just perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. As the day goes away, you enjoy the open space and the lake, and when the sun sets, you get to see stunning views of the city’s skyline at night. 

Chicago Style Dining

Deep. Dish. Pizza. That’s Chicago on a plate. Very recognizable style of pizza originated in Chicago, with high edges and lots of mozzarella. 

Now, can you serve deep dish pizza at a wedding? I don’t see why not, but in case you’d like to save the pizza for the honeymoon, Chicago’s cuisine has a lot more to offer. 

Barbecue in this city is a big deal, a mix between southern American and Eastern European barbecue presents the best of both worlds. 

“Smoque BBQ” is a restaurant in Chicago downtown; they offer quality bbq catering for all occasions. 

And if that doesn’t work for you, food for thought menu at the Adler Planetarium will.

Music to my ears

The music setting is a significant factor at a wedding, as it directs the tempo of the event. In Chicago, the music goes in every direction, rock, blues, jazz, even gospel. 

But the first thing that comes to mind for this occasion is just a simple small jazz band. 

Not an orchestra, twenty people who play in suits and ties but a handful of talented musicians on drums, a few guitars, maybe a trumpet and the inevitable shiny sax. 

Jazz it up on the Adler terrace. And hey, if everything else fails, keep in mind that Chicago is hometown to a few famous commercial artists such as Kanye West. 

Family and friends

You have the venue, the food, the band. And for the wedding party, there’s that white Chicago wedding limousine

Easy to book, and even easier to do a photo session in it. Roll in style and enjoy a drink with your loved ones on the way to the venue. And your family and friends that are flying in for this special event can also be transported with ease.


For starters, you can arrange for them to be picked up and driven to a hotel. At your disposal are plenty of limo companies that do exactly that. 

Book a ride for your guests, and there will be a minibus or a vehicle of your preference, waiting for them at the airport with a greeting sign

Chicago airport limo service is very convenient because as soon as the passengers come out, they are picked up, no waiting, chasing cabs, or trying to solve a puzzle that is the airport traffic. 

Sleeping accommodation for guests in Chicago is not going to give you a headache, because the city has tens of millions of visitors each year, so just the downtown area has over 130 hotels. 

From the big famous ones like The Four Seasons, W Chicago, Hyatt to the smaller cozy but luxurious boutique hotels as Soho House, The Robey, Chicago Athletic Association, etc. 

All in all, Chicago is the 3rd ranked city in the United States based on the number of hotel rooms, and that number is 108,700.


These were just some tips and suggestions on how to bring Chicago into your wedding. If you’re getting married, be sure to hire a professional planner, or at least consult with one. 

There are a lot more things that have to be done before the big day, and it can get overwhelming. 

The Knot and Wedding Wire are an excellent first step because those platforms make it easier to stick to a plan and a budget, plus plenty of recommendations and resources available.

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