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A wedding day presents an essential milestone in the life of any person. It is something that couples strive to accomplish. Marriage is a lovely rite of passage for two people who want to share an experience, starting that chapter on their wedding day. But the logistics of making that day run smoothly are all but simple, that’s for sure.

As demanding and stressful wedding planning can be, it also has a lot of fun, exciting, and enjoyable aspects. People get in that “everything has to be perfect” mind frame, and easily slip into chaos if something goes not as planned. 

The wedding venue, flower arrangements, food menu, clothes, band, invitations, and such, all thought out to perfection, months in advance. However, one thing that soon-to-be-married couple should not overlook is the transportation, for themselves and their out of town guests.

Guest transportation

The thing to think about when organizing a celebration of any kind, are guests, especially those who aren’t from Chicago. If the couple has relatives or friends from out of town, or if a wedding in Chicago is a designation wedding than their transportation from the hotel or wherever they’re staying, to the venue and back is something you should organize and plan for.

Though securing wedding transportation for guests at your wedding is not a must, it is a considerate thing to do that will make their trip a lot easier. There will be no worrying about parking spaces, arrival times, or how they will be getting home.

The last thing anybody needs is guests roaming the streets after a wedding, trying to stop a cab, ordering five Ubers at the same time. Or even worse, people getting behind the wheel and driving themselves after they have had a night of dancing and drinking, risking their own and the lives of others on the road.

Therefore, the best solution would be to hire a professional company that, in addition to quality vehicles, also provides professional drivers who can safely return your guests to the hotel or other destination they’re staying at during the wedding celebrations.

Organized transportation of wedding guests certainly has many advantages. For starters, the bride and groom don’t have to keep thinking if everyone will get to the venue at the same time, no getting lost on the road, no risk of drunk driving, no chance of late arrivals, all in all – no headaches on your special day.

Your getaway car

After the ceremony is finished and all the confetti have reached the ground, newlywed couples get to jump in their getaway car and savor that moment just for themselves. A getaway car can be any car; it should be something that the couple enjoys, but what it definitely will be is a long-lasting memory. So make it count.

Talk about legroom, huh? This is the ultimate comfort ride, supplied with your favorite drinks on ice and the partition that rolls up, giving you some privacy. If a stretched limousine is your kind of a getaway car, then we recommend looking into limo companies in Chicago that provide stretch limos, especially for these occasions.

There are a lot of “stretched options,” and by that, we want to say that nowadays you can get a stretched almost anything. Common, stretched sedans such as a Lincoln or Cadillac, but you can also rent a stretched Hummer, SUV, or even a Jeep wrangler. Stretched vehicles are perfect for a small group if you want your groomsmen and bridesmaids to tag along and celebrate on the move.


These cars take us back in time, with an undeniable charm and elegance. Just like evergreen music, we have evergreen cars that never go out of style. You can’t see a lot of them on the streets, but there are limo companies that specialize in this type of vehicle.

Vintage cars make a fantastic photo opportunity so that one day when you yourselves become “old-timers,” you can look back on those, evergreen, memories. 

Some of the cars that are popular for this type of celebration, and that look spectacular on a photo, whether they are American classics or exotic beauties, are the iconic 1954 Bentley R type, 1973 Mustang convertible, VW Van, Alfa Romeo Duetto from 1966 or the inescapable model T Ford, one of the most recognizable automobile in the United States and beyond.


Chicago City has so much to offer, so finding a great wedding venue there will be easy. Creating a brief itinerary for your wedding is a way to take the weight of your shoulders when the W-day comes. Booking a shuttle for your guests may or may not be necessary, but it will surely be of use.

Wedding transportation in Chicago, whether you want a city trolley, golf cart, Hummer limo, or a 1950s Bentley, is a big market, so people have all the choices they can think of and more. Many limo companies specialize in wedding transportation, and all of them are at your service, just a phone call away.

Check out the limo rates in Chicago.

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