Prom Transportation

First big party, why not go with style?

Maybe that will be your karma through all the other celebrations. Did you think about a limo ride for your prom? We have to offer you New Lincoln limos or Party buses for this occasion. We can provide a premium limousine for a prom in Chicago

Staying safe is our priority so, alcohol is prohibited in our all vehicle if minors are on board. But we will not kill your party we just trying to get everyone home safe. For party gearing up, we have a great sound system where you can play your own music and complimentary refreshments for everyone.

You would be blown away with a cost of a limo if you split the ride with your crew. The seats are in a circle so you get a feeling like you are at a home party with your friends.

The driver is always there on time or a few minutes prior. We can pick you up in one place or collect your crew at their house. If you just want to pick your prom date as support from us you get one stop at her house for free. In case you need to make more than one stop they will be charged, please check with the agent.

Let this moment be memorable for you and your friends and our dispatch team will organize things for you.

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