6 Ways To Get Around Chicago

Taking the “L”

  • “L” stands for Elevated. It’s a part of a train system that goes on elevated railways throughout the city. This was built around the end of the 19th century, and by now, it is an integral part of Chicago’s culture and infrastructure.

  • Chicago has an extremely developed train and subway system or CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) that covers every corner of the city. 

  • By colors, these routes are easy to understand and use. 

  • With affordable fares and options for a single ride, day ticket, or three-day ticket and Ventra cards, the CTA is the most used transportation system in the city. 

  • It will take you from Midway to downtown Chicago in 25 minutes for just three bucks. Convenient, isn’t it? 


  • Uber and Lyft, there not much to say; we all know about these giants in the transportation industry. It is an efficient way of transport, quick to get, and doesn’t bring significant damage to your wallet either. 

  • Whether you want to be taken down the Michigan Avenue, uptown for an excellent theatre play/jazz session, or be dropped off at one of the hundred coffee shops and night clubs, uber is a handy friend. 

  • When the sun comes down, the bustling atmosphere from the city streets moves to pubs, clubs, and other places where you can dance the night away and try out amazingly delicious cocktails or seven of them. 

  • Driving is not an option after that, and you’ll probably end calling yourself an Uber or Lyft with a click on your screen.

Metra train

  • You are living in the suburbs of Chicago and have to commute to the city for work or any other reason one of the fastest ways is Metra train. Metra train provides affordable transport for people who live far outside the city where CTA doesn’t have that much coverage. 

  • It is time saving, comfortable, on time, and fast. If you look at it from a value point, depending on the zone, the amount goes from $110 to $150 per year!

Car rental service

  • A car allows you to have more control over your time and is maybe a safer way for you to meet your scheduled appointments, avoid being late, or go from point A to B without waiting on an uber that may or may not show up. 

  • Maybe you are in the city with a few friends or a family group, and you need a minivan for the lot of you. It is a popular transport choice in Chicago, especially at the airports where the pick-up craze and the cab mania can get out of hand.

  • Example Midway car rental service offers a wide array of vehicles, from hatchbacks, sedans, minivans, SUVs with unlimited mileage, overall it is a good value for money spent. 

  • So let’s say you arrive at Midway airport, rent a car for the weekend and enjoy your time in Chicago, the ballpark price you’d pay is between $120 up to 200 dollars for premium vehicles. Worth it or not?

Black limo service

  • Here we have a whole different story from the L train or a rented ford fiesta. Limo service is the next level in transportation. Rides are pre-booked, on schedule, and a driver comes for you, waits until you arrive, there is no standing on the street and waiting. 
  • Sun, rain, or snow, limo cars are at the address 15 minutes before you even step out of the plane or house, in top-notch condition, shiny and clean. And it is quick and easy, pick up the phone and tell the limo company: “Hi, I need a ride from O’hare airport to downtown Chicago.
  • Time and date, snip snap, done. 
  • Being the 3rd most populated city in the United States, the streets in Chicago, especially downtown, can get crowded, and the last thing you want is spiraling around in search of a spot. What sets limo service apart is just the quality and level of professionalism you get.  

The good old bicycle

  • First things first, Chicago carries the title of the best bike city in the whole United States of America
  • We didn’t put walking as a mean of transport, but don’t disregard it quickly, Chicago is a big city but you can cover a lot of ground and get close to its gems with some free time on your hands, comfy shoes and a map. 
  • On a nice sunny day, walk down the Magnificent Mile, check out the Historic water tower, and pick up a Starbucks iced late on your way down to the Chicago Riverwalk and DuSable Bridge. 
  • How will you choose to roam Chicago is up to you. Full of people, history, and culture, this city is ready to be met.
  • There are marked bike lanes and routes everywhere, 200 miles of them. City made biking comfortable with the “Divvy” bike program that allows people to pick up a bicycle at one of the many bike stations, use it, and return to any nearby station at a cheap price, lots of tourists use the daily pass and stroll around Chicago all day long. 
  • So, no traffic jams, no gas expenses, daily exercise, fresh air, fun, and sun.

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