Chicago Limousine Rates – Is it affordable?

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How much does it cost to rent a limo in Chicago? These prices vary from company to company, and also of course from vehicle to  a vehicle. Do you need a sedan to pick you up at the Chicago airport and take home or would you prefer an SUV to carry that entire luggage you’re carrying with you? Have a large group with you and require a van? All of those options are at a different price points.


Supply and demand

Every company in business today has one main goal – to create revenue. But also every company in business today has to adjust and maintain their optimal price points in order to stay competitive in their field of work. The only thing that’s imperative here is the market.

Retaining customers and expanding business can be a challenge in a market where supply is high and demand low. People in that case have a lot of options, all at low prices and some business start to crumble due to low workflow. The market dictates the prices and everyone is happy when supply and demand are in balance or when, in economy terms – market equilibrium is achieved.

All of this of course applies to limo companies. They have to have enough vehicles in the garage – ready to go, to meet the demand and stay competitive.

Forming prices

Have you ever wondered why is a limo company charging as much as they do compared to a taxi or Uber, which more or less has the same function – to transport you from point A to point B?

Black car service is priced right; firstly because the level of service they provide cannot really be compared with cabs that charge by the mile and somehow find the longest route to your point B. Secondly, limo companies are serious when it comes to reputation and customer service, they know that a happy customer is a returning customer.

Thirdly, and most importantly, they have larger expenses. These companies purchase high end, luxury vehicles to build a diverse fleet that can accommodate different requests from potential customers. They have to be prepared for maintenance, insurance, safe space for storing the vehicles. Then come the payrolls, taxes, and all other items that find their way on the monthly expenditure lists.

Looks are important in this industry. Those lux vehicles have to be immaculate at all times, and driven by professional and mannered drivers who didn’t get their license last summer, but mature drivers that know how to navigate the city and behave around VIP clientele.

So what are the prices?

In Chicago city you can book a car service quickly, but it is still best if you do it at least a day earlier. Prices vary depending on the service you need. Check out the limo rates: flat rate for a sedan goes from $70 up to $90-$100 for an hour, but if you take it for two hours or more you get the hourly rate which is discounted for at least 15-20%.

SUV would range from $90 to a $110 for a point to point ride, and if taken for multiple hours $75 to $95-$100. Something bigger like a sprinter van that can fit 14 passengers would be priced between $130 and $170 per hour with a minimum of 2/3 hours of service.

An 8 passenger stretch limousine rate goes from $120-$150 per hour with a minimum of at least 2-3 hours of service, and also very popular is the stretch SUV whose price point lies between $150 and $180


In Chicago city you can take your pick of black car services that fit your needs and choose a sedan, SUV, bus, van or stretched vehicles. The limo rate depend mostly on vehicle type and size, meaning that bigger vehicles that fit more people will by default be more expensive per hour. Getting exact information on the rates beforehand is always advised.I

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