How much do you tip a limousine driver?

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The infamous question of tipping can sometimes be troubling for us. When to tip, whether to tip and how much? It all depends on the service provided, the circumstances, and your impression. It can be a tricky topic, but we are here to discuss it, so let’s get to it.

The custom of tipping

Before we get into the amount of money you should give to your driver as a tip, let the first talk a bit about this phenomenon that is tipping and what is all the fuss about. Whether you’re tipping a limousine driver, a server at a restaurant, hairdresser, or any of the many many workers in the service industry, the custom of tipping in the United States has become a part of the culture.
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Way back in time, tips were not given as they are today. It started as a way to, let’s say – motivate, not bribe, your server, and by doing so, ensuring top-notch service. Slipping a twenty to your waiter before you even sat down was, and still kinda is, a way of saying: “Hey pal, pay special attention to me, and more cash will come your way.”

Tipping etiquette

If you live in the United States of America, you probably have to tip. Sometimes it seems that this tipping etiquette makes the customer feel coerced or forced to tip even when it is not mandatory or is already included in the price you’re paying, which leads us to think that some people do it just out of a sense of socially acceptable behavior.

There were, and still are, a lot of people who made their opinion on tipping heard. For example, – why is a particular customer or customers, paying a restaurant employee their hourly wage in tips, shouldn’t the owner increase the price of his product and raise employees’ hourly wage?

In that way, a customer won’t be frowned upon if he doesn’t tip, and servers will not have to rely on tips to make a living. In the retail market, you don’t go out to buy a pair of pants and leave a tip for the people who make them or the seller who sold it to you, you pay the all-inclusive price and go home with your new pants.

Be that all as it may, tipping is a custom in this country that has been around for so long and cannot be uprooted easily. It is considered disrespectful not to leave a tip. Look at it from this angle – firstly, you are helping those guys and girls who work on a minimum or near to the minimum wage, and secondly, it is a part of the American culture.

You wouldn’t visit a temple in Cambodia without covering your knees and shoulders. Why? Because of the custom. So do a quick math problem in your head and leave that 15-20% before leaving.

Limousine drivers

Driving license can be obtained at the age of 16 in the US, and a person officially becomes a driver. But that is not nearly enough to do the job that the drivers we’re talking about do, it takes a lot more to be a professional limousine driver. First of all, limo drivers handle luxury, first-rate vehicles that are quite expensive.

The nature of their work demands that they are 100% at the moment behind the wheel, aware and reliable as they are responsible for the safety of their passengers and the meticulously maintained luxurious cars.

When you travel with a limousine, you expect excellent service, and that’s where an experienced certified driver shows his advantages. From the moment the car doors are being opened for you, luggage was already taken care of, every passenger is aware that they are riding in comfort and style. Chilled bottled water, extra legroom, leather seats, and a smooth ride, prove that private limo transportation cannot be compared to an ordinary cab/uber/lyft ride.

Professional limo drivers know how to behave around the clientele that comes with this kind of transportation, when to talk and when to keep quiet. They know how to navigate the area and make the best use of routes and shortcuts with all the stops or special requests that the passengers may have.

For that service, effort, and level of professionalism, customers usually want to leave a helpful tip for their drivers. But what is an appropriate amount?

How much do you tip a limousine driver?

While there is no maximum or minimum sum, in other words, the limitation on the tip amount, there are some standards in gratuity percentage. Gratuity is how a customer says thank you. This issue sometimes presents the only “cloud on the horizon” for limousine passengers, in what would otherwise be a splendid ride.

In this industry, as in most of the service industries, the standard percentage for the tipping amount goes from 15% to 20% of the total bill. There are limo companies that do business at all-inclusive prices with gratuity already included.

Still, some don’t include tips in the final bill, leaving it up to the customer to decide the appropriate tip based on their experience and satisfaction with the services they received.

If you have any doubts about whether the gratitude is included or not, feel free to ask the limousine company that you booked with upfront and evade any uncertainty overall. Tips can be given straight to the driver in the car or added on the bill later on.


When all was said and done, we concluded that the American culture is a tipping one, that maybe not everyone loves doing it but also that it is vital for those who work in the service industry.

So next time you are wondering how much to tip a limousine driver, your waiter at a restaurant, or anyone providing you with a friendly, trustworthy and safe service, the answer is 15 to 20 percent, and be sure – it will be appreciated

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  1. I appreciate you informing us that the standard percentage of tipping for limousine drivers usually goes from 15% to 20% of the bill since they are expected to always offer us excellent services. We have an important foreign investor visiting us next month, so I wanted to get a limousine to pick him up from the airport and drive him around. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a limousine rental to reserve before he arrives next month.

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